Julie Browne

I simplify and bring order to the lives of others by providing “Real Life” solutions & strategies to get organized.

Real Life Organizing is more than a business name— it is a lifestyle. I have spent many years living and working around The Sea Ranch, often with limited resources close at hand. Through constant trial and error in my own life, I have developed systems that include efficient use of space and produce big changes. Previously, I worked in real estate sales and business management. As a top producing agent, I worked with clients maximizing the potential of their homes prior to marketing. Whether working on my own home, the home of a client, or an office environment, I am known for my willingness and ability to dive in and make things function more efficiently and look more beautiful.


  • “Julie is amazing! I utilized her services to put on a garage/moving sale and it was all that I had hoped for. She has a great intuitive sense for organizing and planning. The sale was not only financially successful, but she swooped in at the end and took away the few remaining items. I couldn’t have been happier. All that and she is a delight to work with.”

    - Marcia Carruthers
  • She is very hardworking, but without making me feel pressured. We accomplished so much! Julie’s follow through is key. Once decisions are made about things, she deals with the destinations of things right away, and boxes of items destined for other places sort of magically ‘disappear’! I also really appreciate her concerns that things are appropriately recycled/shredded/donated, etc.

    - Suzanne Brown, Plantation
  • Professional in all aspects and not afraid to think outside the box. [Her] biggest asset from her diversified set of skills is her ability to look for a ‘win win’ solution.

    - Rae Radtkey
  • Julie Browne is one of the most creative persons I have ever known. Her artistry makes rooms look special, inviting, and happy. She takes ordinary and turns it into enviable. I want her to organize and decorate every room in my house! She is a true talent.

    - Valerie Riggs, Del Mar
  • She is an organization power house moving folks out of their comfortable boxes and onto new and innovative paths.  Her skills apply to the organization of the smallest closet onto a large and complex office environment.

    - Craven Alcott, Sea Ranch

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